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tv   [untitled]    September 24, 2012 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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relations between washington and cairo are in four major titles that's president of north it isn't the who are made well into the ocean between the two over a way over to america and. then europe to build new aristocrats to use to effect the violent vicinity greece while the muslims continue to bang bang there in the abstract. algebra when you pay out of the bill and spend on foreign aid and huge salaries to british consultants and broaden the programs while struggling to hold the brains for the benefit accounts and trying to buy.
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this is all see coming to life for most co hello and welcome to the program as anti-american sentiment across the arab world gathers pace tension between washington and the largest the regional powers also grow the biggest question mark is over the future of american egyptian relations and president north his first visit to the u.s. for the u.n. general assembly might clarify its nation is ahead of his trip more sick used washington of having a biased policy in the region and vowed to demonstrate more independence from the u.s. that his predecessor. gauges the possibility of that actually happening. mohamed morsi came to power on promises to make could the capital of palestine and open up egypt's corridor with gaza his presidency promised his supporters
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a chance to reclaim egypt some pride especially on the international stage one of the curious things is that the americans have been to egypt since morsi was elected and they congratulated him but morsi didn't rush off to united states he went to china instead and also to iran which was a diplomatic snub to you know it it states but the snub it seems more of a token gesture because when angry egyptians took to the streets to protest against the united states the muslim brotherhood kept in the background and president morsi is criticism of the u.s. was muted dr saeed sadik a longtime observer of egyptian foreign policy says morsi cannot replace the united states with another world superpower but godless of how much you might want to change your foreign policy or restructure it it's a big process and you need to own it up and the alternative is not i don't think china is for. placement the fact is there for egypt to prosper and solve its
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economic problems it still needs washington cairo receives close to two billion u.s. dollars a year in economic and military aid and so two and a half months into his presidency the new muslim brotherhood president is having to maintain an increasingly delicate balancing act his hardline supporters on the one hand the west and washington on the other prompting many observers to ask what if anything has changed since mubarak's era egypt today is not very different than it had been under mubarak egypt u.s. relations during the mubarak era were quite strong there is an important partner in economic partner for egypt and it would be very difficult for us to any president coming in during the nomic crisis to rock the boat but the recent violent demonstrations do a. talks of a proposed one billion american dollars in debt relief to egypt and although washington stresses this is merely temporary and there's no major shift in u.s.
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aid to egypt and the relationship between the two countries remains strained this wall was erected several days ago to prevent protesters from reaching the american embassy on the other side but there is no sign of anyone wanting to take it down a physical reminder of the growing barrier that now exists between cairo and washington but it's a barrier that neither side wants to make permanent because while morsi might be poles apart politically from his predecessor on the international front he's trading remarkably close policy r.t. . and earlier the gyptian leader gave an interview in which he said it's up to washington now to mend times the harm it most explicitly said america's unconditional support for israel and several dictators in the arab world that is only hatred from people in the region find out i also have to say to them are the public at all to dot com. and here are outrage
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over an american film mocking islam is engulfing new countries clashes have now ruptured in the greek capital as muslim protesters try to break through to the u.s. embassy in athens forty people have been detained it follows them dressed in france where muslims took to the streets after a french magazine published caricatures of the prophet mohammed police in paris arrested twenty one people for defying a ban on crowds as rallies and reaction to the publications hundreds of students gathered to run to call for the expulsion of the french ambassador from iran a journalist a robust analyst says paris only has itself to blame for falling out of favor with followers of islam i the government is you know a very difficult position because of their policy in syria and because of their various consistencies on is largely all french leaders like most european leaders are. in the in the nato and buying they've committed themselves to nato tied up with nato france under so cozy committed itself more strongly than at any time
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since general de gaulle to nato and so there is the usual sore stick and carrot trum from washington so that there's that aspect of it and also they want to appear to be a country above their weight to use a british expression in international politics because they want to keep their veto in the united nations so there is no difficulty on the other hand there is a growing feeling in left wing circles that the government's policy is nonsense you cannot support it terrorism on monday and condemn it on tuesday and support it again on wednesday they're playing it both ways they don't want to enrage the the people the alleged five million people of muslim backgrounds in france are a lot of people on the other hand they stick to their line that they allow free speech which of course is only allowed in france on certain subjects. they are going syrian conflict has made many nations in the region fear it's replications but in neighboring lebanon people are already feeling the clashes that when those
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supporting and opposing syria's president assad have the kind the call inside a lebanese street and everything points of the country being dragged into the event . this account for that explains. another day another battle in syria. it's a war that has taken on increasingly sectarian tones that some fear could end gulf neighboring countries it's the state's outside more vulnerable the neighbors of syria that could be said to be more vulnerable than syria itself called progression and. lebanon stands right in the path of the blast waves lebanon fought its own civil war on to terry and lines for fifteen years and now the syrian conflict is literally spilling across its border syrian troops have carried out incursions into lebanese territory while rebels take shelter in lebanese towns it is aggravated i'm healed wounds from the past string fears of a new civil war that's already have had effect here in lebanon it is
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polarized the politics of lebanon. it is resulted in conflicts that have taken place in tripoli it is resulted. that have happened in beirut lebanon of course vulnerable to this type of sectarian conflict lebanon sunni's mainly support syria's rebels including the powerful militant group hezbollah tend to back president bashar al assad a member of the alawite sect is divided in half between the group that support that syrian syrian regime and those people actually. helping and corrupt allies and going there for what they scald the free syrian army nowhere is that divide more violently visible than in tripoli on the streets of lebanon's second largest city and sunni gunmen have been battling it out this is been a flashpoint for years but the fear is the violence could spiral out of control and
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spread across the country when we arrived a shaky cease fire was being monitored by the lebanese army and we spoke to fighters on both sides who showed no willingness to disarm. ok. you know this is the leader of a sunni militia here in tripoli is babble to ban islam i asked him whether peace with his opponents is possible. as long as assad remains in power there won't be peace in syria lebanon or iraq or powerless done through be no peace while he is in force in neighboring general must send an alawite fighter shows me the destroyed remains of his home when asked to explain the recent fighting with his sunni neighbors this was his response not the dollars just we are defending ourselves against machines of terror and mercenaries who are being brought in from abroad. even the push to defend islam is most unifying figure the prophet muhammad wasn't enough to bridge lebanon's sick tarion divide in beirut separate protests against
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an anti islam video has turned tens of thousands of shias to the streets days later a hardline sunni cleric who gathered his own supporters in the capital they may have been united in their outrage but protesters carried flags that left no doubt which side of the syrian divide they're on for now lebanon is holding together but some residents here wonder whether this is just the calm before the storm season so you guys are going to go. they're going to have their start they can start their careers in the streets here and that. everyone is going to fight it's like that so it's never going to get this shelled out buildings stand in beirut green line which for nearly two decades the bided the city journal lebanon's bitter civil war christian communities lived over here to the east muslim communities lived across the street to the west but as the armed conflict in syria continues to escalate just across the border many here in lebanon fear that the fragile peace could yet
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again be shattered and that sectarian tensions could once again plunge this nation of nearly four million into another civil war for our team and lucy california in beirut. coming up later this hour in georgia. thousands of people protest against the police abuse of the inmates several georgian officials have already lost their jobs but it's not one of the people demanding is involved in this kind all being held. and in the business bulletin experts including general rogers seem to think about the russian ruble could be a worthwhile investment all that and more about ten minutes. while many households in the u.k. struggle to make the ends meet the government is tightening its grip squeezing out additional cash to meet his international status which is top of the list of j. foreign aid sponges but as he's pointed boy come and pulls the multi-million pound coal sharks are being signed on the backs of the poor. i'm standing in front of the
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london headquarters of adam smith international according to that website they provide consultancy on economic and government reform well the website doesn't say is that one of the number of firms to have profited heavily from the british government's foreign aid budget last year alone the u.k.'s department for international development spent over five hundred million pounds on international projects abroad that's allowed the executives in the company behind me to pocket six biggest salaries and million pound bonuses britain's hefty foreign aid budget includes an annual spend of two hundred eighty million pounds that goes to india that's despite the fact that india's economy is so successful that they themselves provide two billion pounds worth of international aid each year now at a time when the coalition government is considering freezing benefits for the most vulnerable in the u.k. society some m.p.'s wondering whether all this taxpayers' money should be spent on
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what they call questionable foreign aid the department for international development has said they're going to stop giving aid to india but that hasn't stopped them building a new office in india this going to be quite shortly spending four hundred thousand pounds of money and. now this isn't the kind of spending that want to see given the pressure on their own budgets for critics of the u.k. substantial foreign aid budget there's more bad news on the way prime minister david cameron is planning on increasing it that's going to mean contracts the so-called poverty barons that run consultancy firms like the one behind me now in recent days the bank of england has one struggling british households to brace themselves for the price hikes in food and fuel with poverty here in the u.k. predicted to increase over the next eight years many struggling households are going to be left wondering whether all that money spent abroad on what many call
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questionable foreign aid might be better used to home. you know asking i'll see the rest of the day's international news and much more is heading your way right after this short. if you're passing through rushes to veer region you really can walk on the wild side thousands of kilometers of unspoiled countryside make up an area where it's still possible to live off the land and enterprising locals so the fruits of the forest by the side of nearly every road such spectacular scenery makes it a paradise for fisherman and provides a business opportunity for hunters. you know he has been hunting for more than thirty years and works for a company providing expeditions for tourists this season ducks are on the menu. for two things a successful duck hunting a patient
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a bottle silence which means that i need to be very quiet i'm not going to frighten the birds or. office. but when you've been in the business as long as he has the birds don't stand much chance. there are defined hunting seasons in russia but lax enforcement means many animals are killed out of the allotted times which can leave young animals orphaned and unable to survive but environmentalists are fighting back the heart of just u.s. forest provides a sanctuary for the most famous beast in russia it's home to a group who rescue often bear cubs and raise them when they're old enough to fend for themselves the cubs a target taken to a remote location and released back into the wild but it's not just bears who find a haven here this is wolf island. here wolf pups who've been captured by hunters or bought from zoos have a second chance at life and conservationists have
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a unique opportunity to observe them these walls are all around four months old and they'll stay in this area for up to three years then most will go back to the wild for good just viewing them from the car was an experience in itself but then after a bit of a bumpy ride came an opportunity i just couldn't pass up. and this is what i was hoping for when i heard i was coming to a place called wolf i had a chance to get close and personal with the locals and it's these guys are going to act as foster parents for the next generation will come here using the older wolves as surrogate parents has already proved a successful technique. every year i place infant wolves with one year old wolf cubs whose parental instinct is totally shaped and they take them as their own cubs it's an important part of the world's development and a major factor in the success of a project which has seen more than twenty generations of cubs grow up here it's
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going to continue to take time and money to rehabilitate the wolfs reputation in russia. but the keepers here hope their research and dedication mean that wolf island remains a place where visitors can truly understand the call of the wild. welcome back to ancient as escalating between beijing and tokyo in the asia pacific as a means to chinese patrol ship some washing of waters near a disputed close the islands in the east china sea a what japan claims ownership. so no one lives in the contested lands though it's believed to be full of natural resources violent protests have been held in both countries the u.s. has played its hand in the conflict as well building up military activity in the region and backing tokyo in the dispute and to defense analyst believes
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washington's actions could find the flames of a conflict. but the secretary of defense that he fears that there. could be a war between china and he also expressed that the united states is going to support you so that means if you come to blows let's hope let's say that the charge that would send a force to try to apply the same as you said each force. change for what i did of course china tries to follow their measures like try to locate. further so then the united states would be the ceilings of communication and that could lead to a major regional war at least to. us one side i joined on the other. and plenty more stories waiting for you on our website. for the late. like face old conjuncture a double amputee has been shot by
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a policeman after pulling. on the office of. iran's nuclear program it's not the run dropping say he was saying it's not only television which can strike fast learn more about. the leak of the shocking prison of georgia has led the government squandering to save face of the rolling wave of protests is only gaining momentum also has had a chance to talk to them on her film the videos and he claims the president was entirely aware of what was happening in the facility. the public is in fact still so shocked and angry that they're comparing the footage from the georgian prisons
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with merit from guantanamo except it contains suspected terrorists while here we're talking about ordinary georgians in me another factor irritating the public right now is the recent arrest of one of the foreign leaders of the student court just given to got you to ignore you he was detained on saturday by traffic police officer we were not abiding to the authorities orders he was put in prison for ten days but it is reported that he wasn't even the crime be wheeled off before stopped by the police early or to manage to meet with the man who brought it all the severe leaks to the videos i was given to the crowds that we used to be one of the senior staff members of the go daddy for that in b.b.c. claims that personally shot many of these videos of the georgian minister should if it was to the president it was just for fun for no particular reason it was like we do what we want with people once he take you to prison you are nobody
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you have new dignity this is why these videos cause such outreach in georgia all of this is definitely a huge blow to be a major oil field for nice seems to be election to parliament is going up on the first of october and aborting to believe it's not move both president saakashvili and the ruling party have ordeal lost up to twenty percent of supporters. and of course all his ego is going off continues to follow the latest developments in georgia as more rallies ever expected on monday so check this was a thing that for all the updates and in one of his latest tweets hugo says protesters are telling him they won't back down until that demands are met meaning the rest of the police chief and the release of culture. come to take a look at other news from around the world this hour at least eleven people are dead and as many as a still missing after an avalanche hit a grouch. group of climbers on the himalayan mountain and struck on mt must know
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the new poll the walls and highest peak the autumn climbing season comes right after the end of the monsoon rains are making weather conditions unpredictable the cause of the avalanche is still being investigated. and the government of kazakhstan has stepped down after the republic's president nursultan nazarbayev dismissed the prime minister and he will now have the president's administration while work starts on a new carpet. by has been serving as the president of the country for more than twenty years now says its independence in. time for the business news now with natasha so experts say the ruble could be a good investment the touch on the outskirts of quite skeptical about it while legendary investor jim rogers seems to think so that should convince you i'll tell you why in just a couple of minutes but first let's check out the equity markets european shares are in the red losses of less than a quarter percent to both the footsie and the dax
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a major slide for the russian shares this hour it's down to a psychologically important level of fifteen hundred points and asia is firmly in the red as well and concerns that the euro prices is far from being resolved on the currency markets the euro is reflecting these concerns weakening to the u.s. dollar and the russian a ruble is continuing continuing last week slide to the major currencies audra a legendary investor jim rogers recently said he's interested in buying into the bulls three degree of russia's new phenomena school says it could prove very profitable. in the going in there like russia going to use it function or. price things are very valid so it should give it. as much it would be much worse if central bank defended the ruble or kept it going. appreciation i think it's very good it is determined by the market russian this is so genuine know that it and as
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they say the russian government they realize the potential of russian economy will be a capital out to get built in floor and those who come first will make a lot of money and that i think is understood by jim rogers. russia's top ten lender p.f.b. will go public the bank will reportedly offer up to thirty percent of its shares in moscow in london by mid october raising around half a billion dollars it follows a similar move by russia's top lender its bear bank whose offer was twice oversubscribed. and that's the latest from us here at the business desk i'll see you back here in fifty minutes later that's our show thank you very much and coming up shortly also he discusses the rolling waves on to american process with crude direct sold a complex form and. download
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will be the true serious technology innovation all the moves developments around russia. the future covered.
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since. morning news today violence is once again flared up the film these are the images cobol has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are on the day.
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i was up to some surrounding the arab spring has been replaced by worries about the arab fall as a wave of anti western protests and violence sweep across the muslim world. but for one former british spy in the recent events brings to mind unheeded lessons from the past in his thirty years of british government service alastair crook has operated in trouble spots all across the globe from helping them with fighters in afghanistan against the soviets to working with rebel political groups in northern ireland cambodia and colombia as
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a former special envoy to the middle east he has brokered a number of cease fires between israel and the palestinian movements fatah and hamas he now serves as the director of the conflicts forum in beirut where r.t. set down with him for an exclusive interview thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us but is the wave of recent violence the anti-american a wave of protests across the middle east do you see that as a coordinated effort or or perhaps just a reaction to what's going on on the ground it seems to me that what happened in libya was well planned well conceived i mean very well planned. and was certainly not something that happened just out of the blue and it coincided of course with the anniversary of nine eleven. and seems to be was here i don't think that necessarily suggests that everything else that this that occurred during this period. was the.


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